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Black Magic Power Spells
power and influence spells
These are the most powerful Black Magic power & control spells available, you will not find more potent spells than these anywhere else. These powerful spells work quickly and harness the ancient forces to give you the power to dominate and control others. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS.
Have you ever met one of those people who seems to be able to walk into a room and command everyone's attention immediately?
It’s almost as though they have a magnetic personality, or they can somehow control the interests of the people around them.

You might feel that you have no power or control in your own life, that you are swept along like a leaf on the wind, but the truth is that with some careful black magic assistance you too could hold the attention and interest of everyone around you too.
And it doesn't end there, these spells give you the power over other people that wills them to do your bidding, to obey you, and to do as you ask them without question, the control you will hold over other people of either sex is unshakable.

There are 3 power & control spells for you to choose from. All payments are handled by Paypal so you can request a refund if you are not entirely happy. Full protection is always used, there can be no side effects from these spells.:

1) Basic Power Spell

This is the simplest power spell and is ideal for people who aren’t sure about Black Magic and want to “test the water”, or for people with minor issues that need to be overcome.
It is cast over 1 night and is designed to be powerful but affordable.
2) Advanced Power Spell
This is a far more complex power spell, in the order of tens of times more powerful than the first, it is ideal for those who need a significant change and much more control in their lives.
It is cast over 3 nights and is far more powerful than you’ll find elsewhere and is better priced. You are right in thinking it is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Pay someone far less and see your money evaporate as fast as your dreams with nothing to show for it.
3) Ultimate power Spell
This is an extremely powerful power & control spell and is in the order of hundreds of times more powerful than the first. It is perfect for those who wish to have real command over other people, those who require help to seriously advance their careers, and those who need to hold complete control over other people, etc.
This is actually 7 spells cast over 7 nights for the most powerful and successful outcome. This is the most powerful spell you can buy anywhere.
When you have ordered any of my power spells simply email me the details of your problems, your name, and the outcome you desire and I will create and cast a potent and powerful black magic power spell unique to you.
Note: These spells are THE most powerful you can buy.

Prof. Abdul on +27810648040 



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