Good Luck Spells

Good Luck Spells

black magic good luck spells
Sometimes luck seems to be stacked against us, every way we turn is met with failure, disappointment, and even disaster.
Black magic can help to remedy these maladies and turn luck around to work in your favor.
All of my spells are carefully crafted and use full protection so do not worry about repercussions or things coming back on you, it can not happen!
There are 3 spells for you to choose from.

1) Basic Good Luck Spell
This is the simplest good luck spell and is ideal for people who aren’t sure about Black Magic and want to “test the water”, or for people with minor problems that need a little help from lady luck.
It is cast over 1 night and is designed to be powerful but affordable.
2) Advanced Good Luck Spell
This is a far more complex good luck spell, in the order of tens of times more powerful than the first, it is ideal for more serious problems that need more intervention.
It is cast over 3 nights, is far more powerful than you’ll find elsewhere..

3) Ultimate Good Luck Spell
This is an extremely potent good luck spell and is in the order of hundreds of times more powerful than the first. It is perfect for those who really feel like some unseen power is making every single thing go against them.
This is actually 7 spells cast over 7 nights for the most powerful and successful outcome.

SPECIAL OFFER – when you order the Ultimate good luck spell I will also send you a pack of good luck crystals that are cleansed, blessed, and have a further 7 spells cast over them to guide and help your spells to manifest themselves as quickly and good luckfully as possible. Includes Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz plus FREE P&P.
When you have ordered any of my good luck spells simply email me the details of your problems, your name, and the outcome you desire and I will create and cast a potent and powerful black magic good luck spell unique to you.

Prof. Abdul on +27810648040 


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